dark horse

/ˈdärk ˈˌhôrs/


a candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds.

"a dark-horse candidate"

Our Story

The story of Dark Horse Music Store began in the garage of 16 year old Michael Wilson. He had decided to begin giving drum lessons  just to make some gas money. 

His student list quickly expanded, so he added piano and guitar lessons. He began flipping gear to ensure his students got the best things that they needed, without the pressure of big stores. Over time, the store and staff grew, and the need for more space was imminent. In 2014, an official store opened.

Located in a front of a church, they had a small block of space, where inventory became a priority, as well as bringing in more staff. Officially know as Mikkeal Music, the staff and student base continued to grow. After some time, the store had simply outgrown the space once again. Mikkeal Music moved to a larger shop, where the business began to explode. After one year, the store had grown so much that it was impossible to stay in the small shop. Michael realized he had to think bigger. The company needed a revamp.

Mikkeal Music Store Performing
Michael with one of his 1st students
First few piano lessons
A group guitar lesson
A young Michael performing
One of the first student bands
Mike teaching drums
Mikkeal Music Store Grand Opening
Rocking outside of the 1st location

Following much thought, Michael decided to change the brand’s title.Built on the idea of being a candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds, Dark Horse was the perfect canvas for what Michael had envisioned. The logo of a white horse with a black background was meant to portray a light in the dark world. Subsequently, Dark Horse Music Store opened in its biggest location, and our current space. Here, the business has continued to flourish and thrive, as Plant City’s supplier of instruments, gear, lessons, repairs, recordings, and all things music. Michael continues to hope to inspire and create in the world around him.

As Dark Horse continues to grow, we hope to include you in our story!