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The Journey!

A story about a determined teen, and a music store

The First Note

This story begins just like any other; with a spunky teen who has big plans, and big dreams. More specifically, this story begins in 2011, with Mikkeal Wilson, a teenager who's dream is to own a music company. Now unlike most teens, Mikkeal has a certain amount of determination, almost a dangerous amount. Mike started working at his dream immediately; his first step was drum lessons at his parents house. From the beginning, Mike's main goal was to make a welcoming and friendly environment for his students. After a reasonable amount of hard work and dedication, the opportunity for a legitimate location arose, and Mikkeal took it!

First Location

Like most beginnings, the first official location was a work in progress. It was located in the corner of a church, in a strip mall. It wasn't the ideal place to have a music store, however, when you start at the bottom, the only place to go is up! So that's what Mikkeal did; he made the best of what he was given, and eventually, his determination led to the opening of a far better location.

A big Step Up!

The second location on Wheeler St was the next step in the Dark Horse journey. It was vastly bigger than the original location, allowing for more inventory and more lesson space. While this was a tremendous step up, the story doesn't end on North Wheeler st...

Up-To Date

The next step in the journey takes us to NE Drane st, the current location for Dark Horse Music Store. It was here that the Dark Horse name started to spread. Although having a rough, and expensive, jumpstart, accumulations of leaking roofs, broken air conditioners, etc; the new location, however, tripled in the amount space compared to the previous location. The possibilities have become priceless! But the journey doesn't end here. Just as it was at the beginning, Mike's determination has remained and is stronger than ever! The Dark Horse name has grown, where it's at is unbelievable... but it's far from settled! We will continue to perservere, we won't stop striving for excellence and making our customer's experience here... unparalleled. What's next? We don't know, but we do know that it will be extraordinary!