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Exclusive Services

We offer a variety of services outside of just music lessons. Whether you need a personal DJ for your next event, or you've got a guitar that needs restringing- we're here for you! We are open Monday- Saturday from 11-8pm! 

Our luthiers have over 30 years of experience, and can handle anything from a simple setup to a complete refinishing of your guitar or bass! You can expect a turnaround time of about a week for most cases.

Guitar Set-up/ Maintenance/ Repairs

Basic Set-up: $35

Basic Maintenance: $35 

Repairs: $35 bench fee + $35 for each additional hour.


DJ or Event music

Providing DJ services as either strictly sound engineers, or full emcees for many different events. Please email us for pricing specific to your event at


String Change

Basic String Change: $10 + cost of a full pack of new strings.


Each string change comes with a complimentary tuning and cleaning of your guitar before it comes back to you. Can be done same day, as long as we carry the strings you need.


Band/ Live Performer

Providing a full band, ensemble or solo artist for your next event. Our performers cover a wide variety of genres and musical influences, so we're sure to have just what you're looking for in your next event! Please email us for pricing specific to your event at


Let's Work Together!

Are you a performer looking to get booked? Or do you have a passion for teaching? Email us or drop in to chat about becoming part of our team, and spreading the gift of music together.

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